Why athletes?" is the question I'm asked most. Why not everyone who wants to get stronger, faster, and leaner? Psychologically, young athletes posses greater motivation to succeed. During competition, they'll use 95-100% of their ability, which gives a greater feedback to their training and nutritional needs, where as regular fitness folks do not.


And when a young athlete eats smarter, they become smarter and better athletes. One doesn't need references for that conclusion. Because that's Just The Way It Is...


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All athletes should be experts about what their bodies need, and proper nutrition will give all athletes the result they are looking for. Nutrition has been distorted for many years, at JustTheWayitis.com, we make it simple to understand.


Approach to ExerciseApproach to Exercise-
Exercise and nutrition timing; they do go hand in hand.


Butter vs MargarineButter vs Margarine-
One's healthy, and one's really not...


Carbs;Good vs EvilCarbs;Good vs Evil-
There are are some carbs you simply should not eat...ever.


Diet FactsDiet Facts-
There is a huge amount of diet information, misinformation, and disinformation out there... These are diet facts.


Diet RotationDiet Rotation-
Alternatives for utilizing foods in a targeted way supporting athletic performance and overall health.


Fundamentals of Strength TrainingFundamentals of Strength Training-
Proper muscle conditioning for overall athletic performance.


Gout and Young AthletesGout and Young Athletes-
Got joint pain? This could be the reason why.


Hunger ControlHunger Control-
What you eat--and when--goes a long way toward food cravings and improving academic and athletic performance.


Are you stuck losing weight or gaining strength? Here's how you get unstuck...


Politics of NutritionPolitics of Nutrition-
Where do you get your protein? Well...where do you live?


What it is, what it does, and why you need it.


Will vs MayWill vs May-
We don't tell you what ""may" work, we tell you what will work. We deal in straight ahead, science-derived information, because that's JustTheWayItIs.com!!



What is the difference between good training and wasting your time ? The results! We will show you and explain in detail how to recognize responses your body is giving you, and why. Is it good feedback or negative feedback? Finally you will know the difference.


A variety of abdominal exercises for athletic core strength.


Approach to ExerciseApproach to Exercise-
Exercising the most efficiently for the best results.


Biceps BackBiceps / Back-
Fundamental strength training, addressing proper form.


Chest Shoulders TricepsChest / Shoulders / Triceps-
Fundamental strength training, addressing proper form.


Fundamental compound movements addressing multiple variations of the deadlift with proper form.


Fundamentals of Strength TrainingFundamentals of Strength Training-
Proper muscle conditioning for overall athletic performance.


Justins Favorite Chest DayJustin's Favorite Chest Day-
An elite workout of an advanced athlete using upper-body compound movements, addressing proper form and warm-up.


Justins Super-set Leg DayJustin's Super-set Leg Day-
An elite workout from an advanced athlete using lower-body compound movements, addressing proper form and warm-up.


Nikkis Favorite Back DayNikki's Favorite Back Day-
A combination of beginning and advanced techniques for a stronger upper and lower back.


Nikkis Leg DayNikki's Leg Day-
A combination of compound and explosive movements for lower-body exercise and conditioning.


Olympic LiftingOlympic Lifting Part 1-
Techniques for advanced athletes and proper execution of the clean / jerk, and snatch.


Plyometric; Lower BodyPlyometric; Lower Body-
Real athletic training with a variety of fun exercises.


Plyometrics Upper BodyPlyometrics Upper Body-
Training for real power and explosive upper body strength.


Ryans Back DayRyan's Back Day-
Our favorite fire fighter's strength training/back exercises.


Ryans Favorite Chest DayRyan's Favorite Chest Day-
Chest training exercises using free weights and machines with proper form by our favorite fire fighter.


13 different variations of squats using proper form for athletic training, balance, and strength.